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Our passion is our drive towards excellence. A passionate team can devise tomorrow’s solutions today.

To accompany people with products and medications for each life stage, we have a highly qualified human team.

+1000 +1000

Collaborators make up a highly committed and qualified team.

+100 +100

Collaborators focused on ensuring quality.

+300 +300

Collaborators in technical areas producing to reach further.

+250 +250

Collaborators facilitating access.

+60 +60

Collaborators researching and developing all pharmaceutical forms.

+300 +300

Collaborators providing support and making everything happen.


If you want to bet on your growth and be part of one of the leading laboratories in the country, please apply, we want to meet you!

Technological Offer

Are you a student, researcher, entrepreneur or SME?
Do you have an idea or project to offer?

We are interested in listening to your technological proposal and discussing collaboration possibilities. These are some of the areas of interest:

Drugs | Dietary Supplements | Diagnosis | Cosmetics | Domisanitary products| Artificial Intelligence | Medical Devices

Write to us empleos@elea.comElea


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Life balance
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