For the past 80 years, Laboratorio Elea has been committed to the health of the community, hence, actions related to pharmacovigilance are core in our company.

Pharmacovigilance was defined, in 2002, by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the science that aims to collect, monitor, research and evaluate , in order to promote safety of medications.


any type of concern, eventuality or damage in relation to the safety of a medication.


information on the effects of the medications, biological products, medicinal plants and traditional medicine.

Research & Evalute

to determine causality, severity and frequency of appearance.


to hold measures that ensure a higher level of drug safety.


To report a safety concern in relation to a medication contact us through any of these means, or else, fill out the following form*.

* The information recorded is strictly confidential and is protected under the personal data protection law.

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